Soil & Water

Precise soil maps and robust soil moisture data will help you manage your precious soil and water resources wisely.

Soil mapping

We carry out visual and textural analysis of soil horizons by manually soil augering the sample area. We drill to a maximum depth of 1m and use spatial software to interpret the data. Our analysis of the soil horizons and depths is compiled into ‘heat’ maps which show variability.

These high precision maps help determine soil and water properties like aeration, drainage, water holding capacity, ponding and run-off. Our reports inform which crops are best suited for the soil types and assist with irrigation and nutrient design and ongoing management.

Weekly soil
moisture monitoring

Neutron probes measure accurately the moisture content of the largest soil volume of any commercial service. Our Terraprobe® software does the heavy lifting to crunch the soil moisture data at 10cm depth intervals into soil water content along with calculating crop use, ET and rainfall forecasts. Our experts combine this analysis with your seasonal strategy to make precise weekly recommendations.

Sentek’s IrriMAX advanced software system allows you to instantly see changes in soil moisture, to show:

  • The effectiveness and depth of infiltration of rainfall and irrigation
  • The depth of the active root zone at different times of the growing season
  • Deep drainage
  • The amount of plant water uptake and evapotranspiration from different parts of the root zone

Continuous soil
moisture monitoring

We are the North Island, East Coast NZ dealer for Sentek Technologies.

Sentek soil moisture probes feature capacitance-based technology which means soil profile measurements can be taken on a continuous basis. Our probes offer high resolution measuring at 10cm increments to (typically) 90cm.

We enable you to deliver on your strategy goals block by block. Which might include canopy development for young plants or managing the onset of stress in producing blocks for optimum fruit quality or colour development.