Precision Hort

Precision Hort is the science of measuring and responding to variability between and within blocks to improve yield and quality.

Green Atlas Cartographer

Green Atlas Cartographer

The Green Atlas Cartographer accurately detects and efficiently maps the density of buds, flowers and fruit. LiDAR simultaneously maps canopy leaf area, height and density. Heat maps are produced which show crop and canopy density. GEO location tools allow you to use these maps to navigate in scanned blocks in real time using a smart phone app. 

Early season scans help you make the best crop management decisions - ranking job priority and enable you to develop  thinning strategies to achieve your targets with uniformity across the block.

Mid season scans show whether canopy geometry will deliver fruit colour and quality required and whether you have the fruit numbers to achieve your target crop. These canopy density maps also can inform adjustment to spray calibrations.

Late season scans maps help you make the most efficient use of limited labour to achieve targets with the least variability. Canopy density maps show you whether you need to adjust tree vigour or spray calibration.

Check out our scanning services for kiwifruit here

Waatic Smart Spraying

The Waatic unit fits onto any airblast sprayer to provide calibration control and proof of placement. Variable rate strategies derived from Green Atlas heat maps can be carried out through Waatic  variable rate control providing  your spray prescriptions with  accuracy.

GPS-enabled prescription maps enable you to implement variable rate treatments of selected areas. Treatments  include selective root pruning, fertiliser application, or using the Waatic Smart spraying system for targeted PGR’s and calibrated pest and disease control.

The real value is in improving the value of your crop and your ability to analyse what is needed to achieve this. Savings from reduced wastage are a bonus

Waatic Smart Spraying
Te Mata Contractors

Te Mata Contractors

We’ve partnered up with Stu Mawley and Jason Bennett at Te Mata Contractors who  have the Precision Ag expertise and the GPS enabled gear for specialist tasks. These guys turn insight into action.

This puts you in the decision making driving seat. Once you have made the prescription map Te Mata Contractors are just a phone call away for selective root pruning, variable rate fertiliser application or GPS informed accurate canopy trimming.

2022 Best Block Award

The team at Takarangi Point have won our 2022 Best Block Award based on ‘closest to target (within 1 fruit/m-2 over 4 ha) and with least variation’ (CV 27%)

The 4.09ha GA3 orchard was developed and planted in 2018 by Prospa. In it’s 2nd year of production (2022) it produced 17,300te/ha.

Congratulations to (left to right)

Roger Hoebers, Prospa Technical and Systems Manager

Sam Coxhead, Orchard Owner

Manpreet Singh, Prospa Senior Orchard Manager

2022 Best Block Award