We deliver innovative orchard insight

Fruition Hawke’s Bay provides independent horticultural advice and technical services to improve orchard productivity and bottom line.

What We Offer

Fruition Hawke’s Bay sees specialist knowledge and smart technology as essential ingredients for high performance. We combine our expertise with the best tools to help our clients succeed.

Soil & Water

Our on-site soil assessments give you detailed soil textural maps for best block design and infrastructure decision making.

Soil Monitoring | Soil mapping | Continuous monitoring Sentek | Neutron Probe | Soil assessments

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Pomology is the cultivation of fruit and the science behind it. We help you improve the economics of growing systems, fine tune the plant's productive physiology and correctly harvest and store fruit to satisfy your market requirementscustomers.

fruit production | physiology | growing systems | maturity monitoring | variety profile development | post-harvest

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Precision Horticulture

Precision Hort is all about measuring and responding to variability between and within blocks to improve yield and quality.

Green Atlas | Cartographer | crop and canopy scanning | LiDAR | prescription maps

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Pest & Disease

Accurate and timely monitoring of critical pests and diseases will help you grow clean crops and ensureget your fruit gets into the best paying markets.

Pheromone trapping | P&D monitoring | CMSM auditing | orchard maps | fruit assessments

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About Us

The Fruition approach is based on Technology, People and Horticulture

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